Fun with Tumble Dyes

Tumble Dyes are water based and heat set

Tumble dyes are water based, heat set, permanent and washable. You can use it on fabric, ribbon, lace, silks, dried flowers, baskets, wood , paper and more. You can apply them by spraying or painting them on the fabric. Combine them with stencils to have lots of fun.

To use the sprays simply place your cloth on a level surface. Place the stencil on top. Shake the bottle of Tumble Dye well – this is important to ensure its all mixed up.  Spray the colour onto the cloth.

Spraying onto cloth


Colour over the whole stencil


Spray a series of images along the cloth


 Tumble dyes are great for tie dye and of course scrunch dyeing in a tub. Simply place wet fabric in a tub. Scrunch up, spray with a colour, move and scrunch again then spray with the next colour. use at least 3 colours to create an interesting fabric.

Scrunch dyeing in a tub

 Tumble dyes are a great way to create your own unique cloth to transform into fantastic textile art. We tried Tumble dyes on a variety of fabrics and ended up with lots to use.  The best part was that even with 3 of us using the sprays and basically going for it, trying out whatever we pleased, there was still lots of colour left in the bottle. In most cases we still had half a bottle of dye left. This was impressive as we’ve all experienced the sprays which run out after colouring 1 – 2 pieces of cloth. Overall we had a fantastic day playing with Tumble Dyes!

Some of our tumble dyed cloth


If you would like to purchase some check out my online store at Essential Textile Art



6 Responses to “Fun with Tumble Dyes”

  1. Judy Glanville Says:

    This product is great, Susan. So easy to use and easy wash-up. Great results with many possibilities to explore in the future!

  2. Susan Says:

    Thanks Judy. I think its just so easy – no fussing with dye chemicals or setting agents. Enjoy playing with Tumble Dyes!

  3. Blog, tutorials and resources round up | Says:

    […] Over on TextileXplorations  Susan has written a demonstration of how to use Tumble Dyes […]

  4. Karen Says:

    I brought these dye’s with me camping this past weekend for a big family reunion T-Shirt project. Love, love , love them! They worked great. No fuss , no mess and best thing~ they didn’t fade out like the Shirts done with Rit Dye. I want to know the secret of what is in those little bottles! 🙂 My 5 year old granddaughter had so much fun – asked if she could do 5 more t-shirts!

  5. susaneta Says:

    Thanks Karen – they are great fun. Now my shop is open again at people can buy some more!

  6. Sketchuniverse Says:

    Reblogged this on sketchuniverse and commented:

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