More Tumble Dye action…

Try spraying a T-shirt too – a great fun project for kids of all ages. After spraying, air dry the piece the heat set in the dryer for twenty minutes to make the colour permanent and washable.


T-shirt spraying with tumble dyes

 Overprinting with the Tumble Dyes


Printing over with Walnut Tumble Dye

SEI Tumble syes are so easy to use. No messy chemicals or lengthy preparation. Just shake the bottle and off you go. Its great with stencils or other found object or use simply to colour cloth. We found we had good results with a variety of fabrics.




2 Responses to “More Tumble Dye action…”

  1. Heather Martin Says:

    I’ve just been reading back through your posts and they are full of great ideas and I love the things you do. I found your blog through Embellish magazine – I have taken out a year’s subscription and am waiting for the current issue to reach the UK! I am about to try out my newly purchased Inktense pencils and your article in issue 5 will be very helpful. I’ll be back for more inspiration – thanks.

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