Playing with Mica Fragments

Got some Mica Fragments the other day so decided to have a play with them. They quite large flakes considering we usually see mica in powder form as in Pearl Ex Powders by Jacquard. I decided to combine a few things to see what happended as you need something for the mica to stick to. So I got out some Filigree Fluid which is like a puff paste but only puffs up in a subtle way compared to Permaset’s Puff paste which gives you lots of puff for little paste.

What I used to create the textured surface

Instead of using the needle point applicator of the Filigree fluid I took the lid off and applied it to the cloth using the tooth brush so I could get some texture. The cloth I had pre-coloured using Tumble dyes which are lots of fun.

Filigree fluid over the cloth

Next I sprinkled some embossing powder in blue and white and also the mica fragments. I tried crushing the fragments but they are really very flexible so they didn’t crush down easily. This I see as an advantage when using on textiles as they will flex with the movement of the cloth.

Cloth after heating and textured surface created.


Its a bit hard to tell from the photo but the result is a very crusty surface thast is very flexible. I used Opal embossing powders which are renown for their good flexibility but what amazed me was how the large mica flakes stayed attached.

Close up of crusty surface


The other way to use the mica flakes is simply to embed them in paint. Again its amazing how they stick and stay put even when you flex the cloth. All I did was to paint the fabric, sprinkle the fragments where I wanted them, then placed a piece of baking paper over and rolled it with a brayer to ensure the mica fragments were embeded.  They have stayed stuck fast!

I think Mica Fragments add that extra dimension to surfaces, especially when trying to make a very textured result.


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