Playing with paper

Been playing with tumble dyes again but this time on paper and using my new Colorbox molding mats as stamps. The tumble dyes make it easy to quickly colour the paper. Add a stamp down the side and you have a great start to a journal page or a piece for collage.

Playing with a Rainbow...

Add a touch of lumiere paint to the mixture with a palette knife and you get great backgrounds. Here’s a journal page I did.

Art Journal Page

Lumiere really is the best metallic paint. I’ve tried others but nothing comes close to the covering power nor the colour of Jacquard’s Lumiere paint. So next step – I took this and applied it to fabric…

Applying what I did on paper to cloth.

Using tumble dyes and Lumiere paint means that I can heat set the paint and its completely washable. It also retains its drape too, meaning that I can use the cloth for a range of projects. Here’s a couple more of the papers I coloured up…

Its lots of fun creating these and quick – especially when you’re trying to fit it in with the school run!


One Response to “Playing with paper”

  1. Judy Glanville Says:

    The cloth looks amazing, Susan. The photos are good too.

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