Lumiere 3D Paint and Glue

Jacquard’s new Lumiere 3D Paint and Adhesive is a fantastic addition to Jacquard’s metallic paint range. 3D lumiere is thick and creamy in texture making it easy to use to get texture into your work, plus it can be used as a glue to embed sequins, beads and other found objects into your owrk. I had a play with some manilla tags to see what I could do.

Using my favourite tumble dyes for background color, I then stamped into some blue and green 3D lumiere Paint and Adhesive and then stamped onto the card. The result is a great crusty texture that just sparkles in the sun.

Playing with the reds and gold lumiere 3D paint meant I started getting some interesting raised areas – a sprayed over the metallic paint with the tumble dyes to let the colour surround and settle into the lower areas of the raised stamping.  I also used a bamboo skewer on another set of cards to manipulate the thick paint.

Best part of the product – very easy to get the paint out of the tube, great applicator and good design of lid to seal the bottle when finished. Least favourite – air bubbles can occur so if you’re after a straight thick line it can be a challenge to achieve it.

What more can you do – play with stencils. The thick paint make using it with stancils a breeze Here I a lovely Thai silk and my current favourite stencil

Then I applied the paint using an old credit card to push the paint through the stencil.

It gave me a raised design onto the silk with according to the bottle will take about 72 hours to dry completely if I suddenly wanted to launder the silk. What was the easiets part of this: moving the paint through the stencil, I didn’t have to work fast- I could do it in my own pace, a little at a time. Worst part: deciding to leave the journal underneath during the stencilling – what was I thinking!! I’ve now make it up into the journal cover but I think its better just to use a light pencil mark or other means to mark where you want to put the stencil.

My favourite section of the design on what is now my “free to be me” journal. I’m using the Fabriano Square journals as I just love the different size to the usual A5 portrait or landscape journal. Overall, I think there is a lot of creative scope for this product.



4 Responses to “Lumiere 3D Paint and Glue”

  1. Linda Stokes Says:

    Looks like an interesting product – great effect on the tags.

  2. tigerb Says:

    Hey, thanks for this good review of Lumiere 3D. I’m considering getting some and appreciate hearing how it worked for you. Those tags look wonderful.

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