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Wrapt in Rocky Open Morning

June 25, 2012

If you happen to be in Rockhampton, QLD on Saturday June 30 then pop into

Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

Cnr Agnes & Denham St


from 9am to 11.30am to see all the workshop stuff, tutors displays and of course traders like myself. For more details check out – and if you can’t come in person have a shop at for some lovely stuff. I’ll be trading on the Friday too from 9 – 6pm and I know TAFTA are having there last book sale there too so bargains are to be had!


Playing with paper

February 20, 2012

Been playing with tumble dyes again but this time on paper and using my new Colorbox molding mats as stamps. The tumble dyes make it easy to quickly colour the paper. Add a stamp down the side and you have a great start to a journal page or a piece for collage.

Playing with a Rainbow...

Add a touch of lumiere paint to the mixture with a palette knife and you get great backgrounds. Here’s a journal page I did.

Art Journal Page

Lumiere really is the best metallic paint. I’ve tried others but nothing comes close to the covering power nor the colour of Jacquard’s Lumiere paint. So next step – I took this and applied it to fabric…

Applying what I did on paper to cloth.

Using tumble dyes and Lumiere paint means that I can heat set the paint and its completely washable. It also retains its drape too, meaning that I can use the cloth for a range of projects. Here’s a couple more of the papers I coloured up…

Its lots of fun creating these and quick – especially when you’re trying to fit it in with the school run!

Filigree Fluid Fun

July 11, 2011

Stewart Gill Filigree Fluid

Been playing around with some Filigree Fluid and having a bit of fun. The thin nozzle makes it easy to create fine lines with this puff paste. Essentially its a puff paste, meaning that the filigree fluid puffs up when you apply heat from an embossing gun. The difference with this product is that you have a fine nozzle to apply delicate lines and the puffed results are really firm.

Filigree fluid applied to fabric

Apply the Filigree fluid to fabric and then sprinkle a little embossing powders like Opals on the wet fluid. I like using Opals embossing powders because they are flexible and thus are perfect for fabric.

Powder dusted onto fabric

Use an embossing heat gun to puff up the fluid.

Puffed Up Filigree Fluid

The result is a very firm set of delicate lines to decorate the fabric. By firm I mean not as rubbery as other puff pastes can be so the fabric is still flexible, the fluid is not going to snap off. You can add filigree fluid to any porous surface including paper.


 Team with Byzantia Paint to get great jewelled effects.

Discharge Dyeing

February 23, 2011

Been playing around having fun removing colour from fabric using plain old household bleach.

I use a refillable bleach pen that comes with a metal tip as this means I know it will be fresh and not dried out – plus I can keep re-using it. Put all the instructions together for this for my new Discharge Dyeing kit you can find on my website.

Kunin Felt Lace

February 2, 2011

Been playing with foils and kunin felt lately and had a bit of fun. This was the first piece I put together:

Kunin Lace Blue

I mounted it after stitcing onto a black painted canvas which has meade it easy to hang. I hung it where it gets lots of light so the foils sparkle. I enjoyed stitching this piece so much I had another go in a different colourway :

Kunin Lace Copper

In this one I stitched leaves into some of the sari ribbon pieces to reflect the feature scrap of ribbon that I had. The kunin felt is foiled, free machined and then cut with a soldering iron. The melting point of kunin felt is pretty low so you have to be careful when cutting out the felt. Kunin felt is made from recycled plastic bottles (PET ones) So most of the items in this artwork are from reclaimed or recycled materials.

Want to have a try at Kunin Lace? I’ve made up a kit with a 10 pack of kunin felt with sari ribbon, foils and WonderUnder with full instructions. Have a look at my website .


December 13, 2010

Been feeling like sketching a lot lately so been playing around with some whimsical images. Here’s a couple I’ve done recently.

Whimsy 1

Whimsy 2

Trying to get looser in my style of drawing which can be more diagrammatic than I want fo my artwork. The weekend away at Newfarm really gave me a bit of head space to start playing around. Still having a major block when drawing anything alive. Think I’m going to have to use cartoon like images to get over that.

Fabulous Fibres Opening Night

December 13, 2010

The rain held off and we had a great opening night at Fabulous Fibres 2010. Here’s a few pictures of the action.

Opening Night

Opening night at Graydon

Lots of people can for a look and to have a chat with the Textile Art Group members. The exhibition is on til Dec 19, 2010 and the gallery is at 29 Merthyr Rd, Newfarm, QLD.  Opening hours are 10- 6pm Mon – Sunday so lots of time to come in and have a look. The work on exhibition is a wide variety of textile works from quilting, felting through to my more scuptural pieces. And I’m very happy to say that my piece “Regeneration” was sold on opening night.

Central piece: Regeneration by Susan Pietsch

Now I just hope my photo’s of it are good enough!! The lace section make the most wonderful shadows on the wall and the new owner is planning to hang it off the wall to get the maximum effect of the shadows. There is still lots of other quailty pieces on offer so I recommend wandering down to Newfarm for a squiz and a coffee at one of the excellent cafes nearby.

Crusty Lutradur!

September 23, 2010

Combined tyvek and lutradur to create this crusty little number. Only trick is the lutradur melts at a higher heat than the tyvek and the machine stitching seemed to insulate both of them?!

Crusty Sea Texture

Glue Batik

May 26, 2010

Flowers in Batik

Been having heaps of fun playing around with a hot water soluable glue. Its excellent! I can heat set my textile paint without ending up setting the glue so I’m most impressed. I can see lots of fun with fabric that is shop purchased too, glueing areas and then painting over the whole lot.

Crows Nest, QLD visit

March 22, 2010

Postcard from Crows Nest by Gail Grunske

After 5 art dates in nine days it was great to finish up at Crows Nest with the group, Women on the Edge. If you are travelling in south-east Queensland then make sure you pop into Crows Nest and check out their Community Art and Crafts gallery on William Street, opposite the Village Square. Lots of textile goodies made by the talented bunch of people, including members of the Women on the Edge group. I snapped up a gorgeous bag by Diana Symes…

"Fortune Carrier" by Diana Symes

I love the colour and the detail. I don’t felt myself but have dabbled with felt making in the past so I can appreciate all the hard work that goes into making this kind of artwork. Here  is a detail of the fringe..

Detail of Fortune Carrier

I can also recommend visiting Highfields which is just down the road from Crows Nest and where I stayed for the weekend. There are lots of art and craft shops, including a sizable quilt shop and scrapbooking shop. Also plenty of coffee shops. What I liked about “The Village Green” is that it had heaps of space outside so junior and the other half could run around and generally be silly while I had a good look in all the shops. I can really recommend the resturant La Fresco as well – has signs out the front saying ribs, pasta and pizza. Staff were really friendly and there is a kids play area out the back which is just heaven sent when you have juniors in tow. Meal was really well priced as well.

Other highlights are the cuckoo clock place. Not just cuckoo clocks – christmas decorations, German linen, kids German costumes and the most amazing grandfather clocks in traditional and modern designs. BUT they also have teddy bears and no, we didn’t get out of the shop without a couple in tow. I now have a fairly largish one gracing my bedroom.

So what’s an Art Date you ask? Its when I take my shop on the road and visit groups in Brisbane, Queensland and surrounding areas. For more details check out my website Essential Textile Art.