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Doodling Along with Shiva Stiks…

February 13, 2012

Cedar Cayon has brought out a new set of rubbing plates (called Doodles) so I decided to combine my favourite paints of the moment, tumble dyes, and do a bit of rubbing. The great thing about the tumble dyes is that you can colour your cloth any way you want. When dry I just taped one of the new Doodle plates to my drop sheet and popped the coloured cloth over to have some fun with rubbing them with shiva stiks.

A little blue number

Okay testing to see if the words disappear again…. and they didn’t so I’ll rewrite them!! Blog having one of those days! 🙂 Above was my favourite from all the designs I did. I used copper, red and white on the rubbing, all irridescent Shiva rubbing stiks.

A little green number..

I finished with the purple number so I have all six designs onto cloth now. Just got to do the making up into a wall hanging now. Had fun with the humidity. Shiva paint stiks remain wet for a long time in humid weather so I’m waiting 7 days before I heat set with the iron. Also it was the first time I didn’t have to cut off the protection skin, it just rubbed off because of the high humidity. So the Shiva paint stiks were very soft.

A little bit purple..

Lastly I was creating my own stamps from the rubbing plates using the heat’n’mold stamps. I used a brayer to roll it into the surface. Its a bit hard to see because the flash kept washing out the contrast.

Using the Doodle Rubbing plates to create a stamp


Painting your way to Complex Cloth

September 1, 2010

Stenciled, hand painted Lutradur

Had lots of fun with this one. Hand painted a strip of Lutradur in various colours using Permaset paints. Heat set them then added a spritz of glitzy colour using smooch spritzers and a stencil. I love combining painted methods rather than dyes to get the complex cloth look.


This was really easy and quick to make a beautiful banner. I’ve also been playing around with the hot water dissolvable glue. This time I stamped a hand painted piece.

Glue Batik cloth

Using my own stamp design carved from a soft carve block, I stamped a hand painted piece of cloth with the glue. Then after it had dries I painted over the glue and heat set the paint. Then it was just a matter of dissolving the glue to reveal the design!