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Natural Dyeing

November 26, 2010

Spent a wonderful day with my Adelaide Friends sitting around the pot colouring up fabric and paper with an array of stuff – from onion skins, leaves to bottle brush flowers.

Various silk fabrics dyed with leaves etc.

and here is my papers…

Natural dyed paper

What I love about colouring fabric this way is that, unlike rusting, you don’t end up with a fabric that’s so hard to stitch through. The onion skins in particular give a lovely coppery tone to the silk.  Fresh leaves etc is the best and next time I’m going to play with more flowers too.

The fabric and the paper was bundled together with the onion skins, leaves, flowers etc and then simmered for 1/2 hour in a pot.


April Update

April 19, 2010

Just spent the last weekend at Warwick at the Glenrose B&B patchwork retreat. Fantastic facility, beautiful surrounds and great shopping! Amongst the stitching I got up to are these little purses which are really quick to whip up in lots of different fabric.

A quartet of purses

Thinking of giving one each to the mothers (yes Mother’s day is not far!) while my daughter picked the pink flower one for herself.

Also been playing with a bit of machine embroidery for my next swapbook page. Here it is…

Love is is kind...

Would like to get back to doing more machine embroidery. This one was done on dissolvable fabric and then attached to a painted paper background. Have a great week. We have two long weekends coming in QLD so its going to be a busy couple of weekends traveling again!


August 31, 2009

My mother-in-law’s been cleaning out the closets and passed a few treasures on to me. Firstly we have a hankerchief from Eqypt, brought back from from World War 1 by her father.


Its on very fine silk and is a little worse for wear for the number of years old it is. Now I’m going to have to find out how to appropriately conserve this piece. Here’s a close up detail…


Next I was given a shawl from her mother’s trip to the UK by boat forty years ago. Its a very pretty number with lots of silver thread.


In better condition than the hankerchief but with a couple of small moth holes.  Here’s a detail…


And lastly a little treasure trove of Buttons! I love buttons they can add so much to a mixed media piece or ATC or be the artwork in an inchie. A few interesting antique ones in this lot.


In the meanwhile ‘ve mulling over a bit of autumn.My next swapbook page is about it so here’s what I’ve been thinking so far…


May end up stitching over it too. It needs a bit of a lift. Its designed to be 13.5 cm square to fit the little swap books we have. In the meantime I’ve been playing with a bit of Pearl Ex in its watercolour form to see what it can do. Results in the next blog.

Paperclay fun

April 1, 2009

Popped back to Adelaide on the weekend so I’m now chasing my tail to catch up with everything. Been playing with a bit of paperclay. I love this stuff – air dries and you can stitch through it. Here’s a small sample of some of the bling I’ve been creating…

Paperclay Bling

Paperclay Bling

It paints up really, is very light and easy to manage. Here’s a few of the unpainted shapes. I think I created about three dozen!!

Unpainted Bling

Unpainted Bling

Its all to go on a little piece I’m creating for ATASDA but I’m coming down to the wire on the dead line as I’ve only got till April 9 to get it in. The full piece is currently like this…

A little textile..

A little textile..

Its a work in progress which must progress a bit faster. I was checking out the placement of all the little pieces for this shot.  Also its handy having a copy of where everything is meant to go. OK, back to stitching. Have a great week everyone!

What doesn’t work!

March 11, 2009

Or rather when good ideas go splat! Often when looking around at people’s blogs you would thnk that the world was always rosy when creating artwork BUT I have to say its not. So just to show that some days things just don’t go where you would like them too, here are a few recent ideas that fell over!

Stalled Idea 1: Inkjet printing and felting
I printed out an image I had created on silk chiffon and then had a go at a bit of nuno felting to see if I could incorporate it into a larger piece. Thus:

Nuno Felted Print

Nuno Felted Print

The actual felting part went fine but I chose the wrong colour (red bit) for part of it. I had wanted to create a long tail to the piece that would be curved around a wire form but the colour was wrong and the felt didn’t want to curl! May be able to do something with this if I cut off the tail. I was also a little heavy handed on the amount of wool – could have used at least 1/3 less.

Stalled Idea 2: Bookcover or not
I needlefelted a piece to create a fabric I was going to use for a cover to a diary. The needlefelting went well, hand felt first to place then machined over to really make sure it was felted. I machine embroidered some organza to it – still going on track. Then I added a machine lace border to the edges…starting to stray, edge ended up a bit tighter than I wanted. Moved to making the background fabric which I was going to stitch it too, that went well. Put the two pieces together and… they didn’t FIT. ARRRAGH!!! Then thought the needlefelted cover was really a bit soft for book cover and Mrs Doubt really moved in and canned the whole idea. So I am left with…

Needlefelted piece

Needlefelted piece

Its pretty but its going nowhere at the moment. I think I’ll just shiva stik the background fabric and use that for the cover.

Stalled Idea 3: What was I thinking here?
I think the problem with this one is that I wasn’t thinking!!! Just sort of plodding along and doing without really considering direction which means I have this….

Mixed Mystery

Mixed Mystery

Paint, thread, plastic dollies etc all thrown together. To make matters worse as I was stitching the thread on the machine went nuts and ended up in big clumps behind the dollies (maybe it didn’t like the plastic). So its another piece that one way will be either chopped or chucked.

All this could make you end up seeing red…

"RED" postcard

"RED" postcard

But then you get up the next morning, toss the less than desired textile to the side, smile and start again!

To Project or not to Project?

February 23, 2009

Hmmm… recently I saw a great little project in a Quilting Arts mag and thought  “hey that would be fun” so off and I went and had a play. BUT…was I committing some sin here? All of a sudden I was getting comments like “I don’t do projects out of books?” Why not ? thought I – sometime it can be fun to enjoy someone else’s published ideas. Is there a point at which one has to swear off all projects but their own? I think of published projects as a bit of a holiday – some fun and I don’t have to do the thinking for once. Hmm..perhaps I’ll just have to hide my guilty secret in future… that every now and then its fun to have a go at someone else’s published ideas! Here’s a little picture of what I was up to…

A little stitch grafitti
A little stitch graffiti

But I can’t show you too much…its a project!

January Postcards

January 20, 2009

Happy New year to everyone. Hope yours has been fun so far. I’ve been playing with lots of materials, making postcards. Here’s a few :



First is my postacrd for my new group on the theme of celebration. I was thinking about the colours of fireworks while making this one.

Next we have:

Foil and Machine
A bit of play with foil, hand dyed silk and machine embroidery. And lastly I was playing with Lamifix – a new laminated plastic coating. Basically its a superior version of the old sheet protector collage. Sheet protectors are cheap but tend to delaminate on one so I find the lamifix gives me a better seal and stays sealed!! Here they are:
Sheet Protector version of Textile Collage

Sheet Protector version of Textile Collage

and secondly….
Lamifix version - Blue Butterfly postcard

Lamifix version - Blue Butterfly postcard

Also been playing with puff paint, tyvek and some transfer crayons. Only broke one machine needle while playing around – not too bad an effort. Then if I remember to put the jeans needle in next time it won’t break in the first place!!

Pause… take a breathe and think!

September 14, 2008

The start of a new work…Hmm. Time to pause and think about where its going to go! Decided to post early this week as moving mid-week and expect to be totally stuffed by this time next week. However I will finally be shifted into my own place. Yay! The cloth is painted with dye-na-flow, my new favourite paint as it acts like a dye but I don’t have to go through all the carry on that actual dyeing needs. Just don’t have the time or patience at present.

Here is a little nuno felting a did way back for a demonstration. I then turned it into a doll dress without using a pattern or cutting the fabric. Its very flower like – almost Iris so I think I may (eventually) do a head for the doll in that theme. I’ve only had the bidy lying around for two years so that at least gives me another 2 years to consider the head!


September 3, 2008

Sharon’s theme for August was balance so these two pieces look at that theme. The red necklace is about when all things are in balance, there is a kind of symmetry to life. The blue necklace is about when we choose to not be in balance, to shift and give something in our lives more of our time and energy. I created these two simple pieces based on a project in the magazine “Classic Stitches” in order to get my creative mojo going again. The red one is the shape the magazine provided while the blue is mine. Its good sometimes to just play and enjoy the process without having to always be the designer.

Back in Action

August 27, 2008

Finally settled down in Brisbane only to have to move again in about 4 weeks! Busy year this one. Currently working out my trip to the UK in October. Image above is of my artist trading cards I made during my workshops in July. Thanks to all that came. It was sad leaving everyone in South Australia that I know. I’m hoping to find a new group of textile friends in Queensland.

Back news: or things I should have posted ages ago. The frames I used for the Take it Further challenge were from a certain swedish furniture company. This made it easy to keep to the same size which was 16cms square. I used to live around the corner from their store so it was very convenient just to go there and pick up one when I needed it. Now I live 35kms from the nearest one. Bummer… going to have to stock up on next water bag trip to it.

Otherwise I’m just playing at present. Trying to get back into creative mode after 3 months of domestic chaos. My latest exhibition is on at Pepper Street Gallery in SA so pop in by Friday to see it. Its called Six Over One and is put on by the Decifemme group which I’m part of.

This work is called Water over Wood and is just one of the pieces on display. A real mixture of textile related works. One work (not mine) even has a deceased spider in it!! But then I’m not that into some found objects!! I’m looking forward to our next exhibition next year but won’t start work on that til the new year. By then I should have recovered from one of the busiest years I’ve had yet.