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The last, last post…

September 4, 2013

Having a John Farnham moment… Yes, I’m back from Broome and Essential Textile Art is once again open to the public. I’ll be putting more items online as I gradually restock. As promised here’s my photo from Broome…camels

Yes, the camels were fun and the sunsets spectacular. Broome is a wonderful place to visit. Now I just have to work out what I’m going to do with the 10,000 images I took on the whole top end odyssey!! Keep an eye out over at my artist website to see what emerges…


The First and The Last

January 9, 2013


The image above is of Cable Beach at Broome at Sunset. Its taken from the website Perth Now. I intend to replace it with my own when I get to Broome, in about 3 months time. So this is the first and last post for 2013 and this blog. I’ve decided to move on and if I blog again it will be from my art website over at .

Going to Broome also means changes for my business, Essential Textile Art. From now until the end of Feb we’re running some great sales to reduce stock, so it’s worth popping over for a look. After February, 2013 we will be closing until about August when I intend to redefine what it is that ETA does.

This blog will remain so please enjoy it. I thank everyone that has supported my business over the past 6 years. It’s time for a break and a fresh start.

The Dress Exhibition – Gallery M, Oaklands Pk, SA

June 12, 2012

“You are more than your name”, Mixed media on Canvas by Susan Pietsch

The Dress Exhibition is an exploration by eight artist on what the “dress” means to them. It’s on from June 8 to July 1, 2012. Artist talks are on Sunday June 17 from 2pm. The Gallery is adjacent to Westfield Marion  at 287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park, South Australia. Tha gallery has a cafe and the local library is there too. Check out there website at GalleryM.

May Musings…

May 2, 2012

Been playing with the 3D lumiere paint again, this time seeing how the glue side of things work. This little number is a collection of hand painted tubes about 7mm in diameter. The 3D lumiere paint has stuck them down quite well and the paint itself is very solid too. Took a few days to dry so handy to have a piece of cardboard under for shifting it around the studio.

My friend, Jill Burgess,  has been getting creative with the tumble dyes. The lace on the dress was sprayed Charcoal and used to imprint onto the matching top. The top started out as white fabric and now has a lovely lace pattern all over it. The outfit was under construction when I took this but I understand it debutes this weekend. Looks fantastic Jill!

Sneek peak at one of my pieces for the upcoming exhibition at the Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Redcliffe, Queensland. The exhibition is by the Reddy Arts Textile Group and is on from July 12 to August 25. We’ll be having an Open Day at the Gallery on July 17 – talks and demos etc at the Gallery. Its going to be fun.

Prior to that exhibition, I have another set of work in an exhibition called “The Dress” opening in Adelaide on June 8 and going through to July 1 and the above is a sneak peak of that one. It’s on at Gallery M, Marion, South Australia. Lots to see here as its two groups of artists with a strong textile focus.

Recent Textile wanderings…

July 11, 2011

Been playing with a few different things of late. The image above is from a piece I made in Isobel Hall’s workshop a couple of months again -impasto gel through a stencil and then painted. I decided to embellish the flower centres with magenta beads to give the piece a bit of a lift. The gold is some encaustic wax. I finally found a use for the birch craft iron – it makes a great encaustic wax iron!

Also did a workshop with Sandra Meech, playing with making books for creating artistic inspiration. I’ve made a few now – they are my favourite holiday activity. Here’s a look inside some:

Now I just have to find the time to work into them! There are 1/2 A4 size cut horizontally. So really easy to do when travelling. I simply take a Koh-i-noor watercolour set, a selection of papers and brushes to spend some time paining up the papers in the colours of the area. Then using some linen thread do a simple binding and weave to connect all the separate signatures together.

Its still school holidays here in Queensland so entertaining a few young ones today. Have to check what all the noise is about!

Let the Sun shine

September 27, 2010
Back cover For a book

 Well, here it is Di – the back cover for your book. A little Aztec inspired design to finish it off. Now I just have one (or maybe two pages) to finish off this year’s round of accordian books.

Happy New Year!

January 12, 2010

How’s those resolutions going? Mine was  – no workshops! That’s right, no teaching workshops, no taking workshops. 12 days into the year I’m doing OK. We’ll see how long that one lasts as the temptation of a new technique or just a day playing can sometimes be too great.

Its January so its play time starting with this piece I put together from the scrap container on my sewing table.

"Unexpected Rhythm"

Paperclay, metal, fabric of all kinds (commercial, hand painted, lutradur) and paper. Its about A4ish in size and backed on peltex which is a fantastic firm surface to work on. Bit of fabric collage to help we get going again. I find its always hard restarting the creative engines from stone cold. And that’s how mine have ended up after doing very little the past couple of months. So no judgements, no fancy plans, I’m just getting on with the “doing” part. The advantage with using all the accumulated scraps is that I’m not going off and buying yet another lot of fabric to do stuff and I’m not that hung up about the end product. Its purely an “engine starter” piece!

What’s an engine starter piece? Its one where you only use the materials at hand, you don’t spend more then 1-2 minutes thining about where pieces will go and you get on and stitch it! Its no competition piece, no show and tell and if you really want it can go in the bin at the end. Its the process that the important part not the end product. Onto the next one… I think I’ll go warm colours.

August ARTion…

August 3, 2009
Marbeling, saltwork and some drizzel painting

Marbeling, saltwork and some drizzel painting

Been doing a bit of painting. The weather is beautiful here at present, cool in the evening and warm during the day. Just right for painting and dyeing. Its good to get a heap of backgrounds together then when I want to do something I have the raw materials to get straight into it.

Stitching in July Take 2

July 30, 2009

Been working away with the threads that Jeannie gave me on other projects and have finished a fabric postcard that has been lying around for ages.

Doodle Postcard

Doodle Postcard

I was doodling with some Inktense pencils on fabric and then embellished over with threads, charms and a bit of sequins. I’ve been in a finishing frame of late of late. Finally put about 3 hanging pockets on some small art quilts and have been working on my little UTEE sample…

A Splash of Gold

A Splash of Gold

A little UTEE drizzled onto painted Peltex (Ultra heavy lining). Then dropped some UTEE powder over and used the heat gun to melt. I’m up to the edges now – sheers which will be burnt back with a soldering iron and then this little number gets popped into my swapbox on textures. Was wondering what to do with the edges of this one as I’m so over satin stitch edging when I had a friend over who suggested the sheers. That’s wwhat I love about getting together with textile friends, we can all discuss, pick over and make suggestions on everyone’s work (who wants it!!) and come up with ideas that just don’t pop up otherwise.

Stitching in July

July 14, 2009

Fabric Jewellery 

The challenge this month from my Reddy Art Quilter friends was to use a skein of various threads to create something so I created a bit of fabric jewellery. The above is a bracelet while below is a matching brooch..


 Its been good to get back on the machine after a long break. I’m looking forward to wearing these to the next meeting. Otherwise I’ve been busy doing Art Dates around Brissie and meeting lots of new, wonderfully creative people.