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May Musings…

May 2, 2012

Been playing with the 3D lumiere paint again, this time seeing how the glue side of things work. This little number is a collection of hand painted tubes about 7mm in diameter. The 3D lumiere paint has stuck them down quite well and the paint itself is very solid too. Took a few days to dry so handy to have a piece of cardboard under for shifting it around the studio.

My friend, Jill Burgess,  has been getting creative with the tumble dyes. The lace on the dress was sprayed Charcoal and used to imprint onto the matching top. The top started out as white fabric and now has a lovely lace pattern all over it. The outfit was under construction when I took this but I understand it debutes this weekend. Looks fantastic Jill!

Sneek peak at one of my pieces for the upcoming exhibition at the Redcliffe City Art Gallery, Redcliffe, Queensland. The exhibition is by the Reddy Arts Textile Group and is on from July 12 to August 25. We’ll be having an Open Day at the Gallery on July 17 – talks and demos etc at the Gallery. Its going to be fun.

Prior to that exhibition, I have another set of work in an exhibition called “The Dress” opening in Adelaide on June 8 and going through to July 1 and the above is a sneak peak of that one. It’s on at Gallery M, Marion, South Australia. Lots to see here as its two groups of artists with a strong textile focus.


August happenings…

August 28, 2009

This month’s Reddy Art Quilters challenge involved swapping a piece of fabric that you love with another member of the group. Only thing is that our tastes are widely different!! So what one loves, the other sometimes wonders about!  I recieved what looks like Christmas fabric – gold lines over that kind of emerald green. Eeek! What will I do?  And then I happen to turn it over…

August Challenge
August Challenge
And the back was really interesting! (Original fabirc to left, back is green fabric under blue sheet of paper). So I had a bit of a play with some colour diffusing paper and paint. The nature of the paper means that watercolour paint travels a long way in it and it has a very fabric like texture to it.  It is also very robust as I painted a few pieces and even when it was saturated with water it was still a very strong paper and acted like fabric.  Its also almost translucent like, with the paint going through to both sides opening up possibilities to do something more 3D with it.
I then used Transfer Artist paper to transfer a few words reflecting my play session. The paper will be fixed to the green fabric and then I think I’ll paint a few highlights and have a go doing a bit of stitching over it all. The advantage of using the TAP is now the paper is sealed with polymer and thus will be a bit more water resistant. NOT that I’m ever going to wash this piece!!
Just thought of something…is a quilt still a quilt if its framed? Or does that negate its quilty-ness? Just thought of doing a paper quilt but its fragility may mean framing would be the best thing.
Anyhoo – time to play!