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Swapbook Finale

November 17, 2010

Its November and the group I’m in Reddy Arts Textile Group has finished our swapbook challenge for this year. My book was entitled “Colours of India” and here are the results.

My front cover

Ths was followed by Di’s page.

Di's page

and so on…

Jill's Page

Brenda's Bollywood

Donna's Bollywood

Jennie’s Elephants
Sue’s Elephant’s Hat!

and lastly…

Helen’s Indian Bling

and that’s the end of the swap for 2010!


Magiclay book cover

October 8, 2010

Back cover of Helen's swapbook

Been playing with Magiclay again to do my last page in the swapbook rounds. Here is Helen’s back cover for her book, I’ve used Magiclay, impressed it with stamps and then painted it. Finally I sealed it with acrylic wax for a lovely matt finish.

Other happenings – its been really wet here and the bugs are invading the yard to enjoy the lush growth from all the water and sunshine.

Giant grasshoppers in the backyard!

I’m off to Mount Tambourine this weekend for a bit of stitchery fun with some girlfriends. Its so wet we’ll probably do a lot of sewing!

April Update

April 19, 2010

Just spent the last weekend at Warwick at the Glenrose B&B patchwork retreat. Fantastic facility, beautiful surrounds and great shopping! Amongst the stitching I got up to are these little purses which are really quick to whip up in lots of different fabric.

A quartet of purses

Thinking of giving one each to the mothers (yes Mother’s day is not far!) while my daughter picked the pink flower one for herself.

Also been playing with a bit of machine embroidery for my next swapbook page. Here it is…

Love is is kind...

Would like to get back to doing more machine embroidery. This one was done on dissolvable fabric and then attached to a painted paper background. Have a great week. We have two long weekends coming in QLD so its going to be a busy couple of weekends traveling again!


August 31, 2009

My mother-in-law’s been cleaning out the closets and passed a few treasures on to me. Firstly we have a hankerchief from Eqypt, brought back from from World War 1 by her father.


Its on very fine silk and is a little worse for wear for the number of years old it is. Now I’m going to have to find out how to appropriately conserve this piece. Here’s a close up detail…


Next I was given a shawl from her mother’s trip to the UK by boat forty years ago. Its a very pretty number with lots of silver thread.


In better condition than the hankerchief but with a couple of small moth holes.  Here’s a detail…


And lastly a little treasure trove of Buttons! I love buttons they can add so much to a mixed media piece or ATC or be the artwork in an inchie. A few interesting antique ones in this lot.


In the meanwhile ‘ve mulling over a bit of autumn.My next swapbook page is about it so here’s what I’ve been thinking so far…


May end up stitching over it too. It needs a bit of a lift. Its designed to be 13.5 cm square to fit the little swap books we have. In the meantime I’ve been playing with a bit of Pearl Ex in its watercolour form to see what it can do. Results in the next blog.

From ugly to inchie

April 13, 2009

Given the challenge of transforming an ugly piece of fabric I did the usual gesso and paint number on it. I forgot to take a picture first but here is the painted version…

Painted Fabric

Painted Fabric

Then I remembered that I was going to give a demo of beaded button hole edging and whipped stitch edging so I needed something to edge. Also at this moment the memory of 2QAQ’s interest in inchies this month popped into my head. So I backed the fabric with felt to give it a bit more substance and chopped up some inchies from it to use for my demo…

Wholly Inchies

Wholly Inchies

And thus “Wholly Inchies” were born!

In the meantime I popped down to the Ipswich Art Gallery with my daughter as they have a children’s gallery as its school holidays here at the moment. We had a lot of fun making some wheeled objects from the collection of stuff on offer. I couldn’t resist picking up a few bits for myself so…

Where are we going? series!

Where are we going? series!

The “Where are we going?” series was born as I’m sure a few people will be saying that as they play with making inchies at the next 2QAQ meeting! The gold bead represent that golden nugget we’re always pursuing – be it success, fame, money, whatever.

In the meantime Barbara M has finished her first page in my swapbook. Here is her piece…

Barbara's page in my "Texture" book

Barbara's page in my "Texture" book

So I’m working away on my next page for my book. Going to add a little texture to my painted fabric and see what comes about!

Swap Books, Cartouche and a little bubble!

April 6, 2009

Had fun this week getting a few things out the door. My entry into ATASDA’s Cartouche exhibition went Friday so it better make it to Sydney by Thursday. Here’s the finished result:

The finished entry

The finished entry

Took heaps of photos as I may not see it again. Its all sparkly with metallic paint and silk fabric so it wasn’t that easy to get a shot of it. After that moved onto my swap book project with Barbara M from Adelaide. The progress so far is:

Barbara's Cover

Barbara's CoverMy Page in her book

I was trying hard to keep to her colours. Had to put a wash over my page to tone it down. Its going to be a process of slowing getting myself there. Barbara is trying out a different product on each of the pages she is doing to have a play with different mediums and materials.
My Page in Barbara's book

My Page in Barbara's book

Another group I belong to is doing a swapbook too. My cover for this is made out of stuff I had piled on my sewing table – all the offcuts from various things. Thus I have decided to call my book “fragments” and each person will be encouraged to use fragments from past projects to create their page and then write a little note on the back to say what the materials were from. Here’s the cover:


As usual its sparkly! Also reflects the colours I’m into at present – coppers, greens, black. I think this swapbook group is going to be very interesting!
Lastly I was well pleased with a little experiment I did for an upcoming piece on an old shipwreck. Got stuck into the puff paste and a bit of lutradur to produce…
Rust and ruin!

Rust and ruin!

Painted the background fabric for the art “quilt” and will now go forth and paste it. Love the texture of the rusting metal of the ship so that’s the base and over that will go a bit of machine embroidery. Think I am pushing the group’s definition of art “quilt” as I’m not that quilty really but I do have 3 layers and yes, some stitching will hold those 3 layers together!
Have a great week and a lovely Easter everyone. Looks like its going to rain heaps for us here in Brisbane. A traditional Easter downpour!

February Swapbook

February 9, 2009
Title Page of my Little Swapbook

Title Page of my Little Swapbook

My friend Barbara invited me to a little book collage. She’s sent me the blank accordian book and now each month we have to embellish a page according to the theme of the person’s book. My Theme is “Texture” so the front is covered with a piece of sari ribbon nuno felt with an added brooch of pleated silk. Thanks to another friend, Cynthia, for the brooch. It just sat perfectly with the scrunched up silk ribbon.

Been hot in Brissie of late but no where near as bad as down in Adelaide or in Victoria. My heart goes out to all those who have lost family in the awful bushfires and to those who lost their homes too.