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April TIF Revisited

March 2, 2009

Way back in April 2008 (before life went crazy and I shifted 2000kms), there was this little TIF (Take it Further) challenge where I came up with this…

The Beginning...

The Beginning...

It was all about change and positive/negative Then as time went on I decided to embellish it a bit and so “Change” became…

Balance Embellished

Change Embellished

Its a bit hard to see but I stitched into the black (negative spaces)areas with gold thread and beads. Here’s a little detail…


Its come out quite rich in colour and detail.


November TIF – Design with Typography

November 27, 2008

Well been working away on this one so I might as well post it. I created a design using the initial “s” as its my favourite letter and ended up with a base design of:

Letter S design

Letter S design

The added a bit of colour. I must say though I love the way the “save to web” function bleeds out the colour of one’s work…


Imagine a very dusty purple in light and dark. I liked this little number so decided to print it onto fabric. THEN the printer miss printed leaving at least a couple of inches not printed (note: remove all other paper from the printer to prevent misfeed). Thus what to do now? Well I was going to get away from my usual square design space but as it misprinted, I then selected an area to paint, quilt and bead and the result is:

The final product

The final product

So the final design as shown above retreated form the light purple and became mostly black. A little detail of what was stitched shows the work a little better…



So that is my TIF design for November. Now I just have to catch up on all the rest!!

Past News: Ally pally was GREAT. If you’re never been to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace, UK then its a must. It was very easy to get to, buses from the underground line straight there. I got there right on 10am, walked up and got tickets and had a good look round. Wasn’t too busy to start with but even when the crowds did arrive its wasn’t too bad to get around. I went on the Thursday so don’t know if Saturdays are worse.

Oct – TIF

October 2, 2008

Workspaces are really important. Long ago I stopped packing away my sewing machine so that I could just sit down at it wheneve I wanted and sew. Now I have a whole room (studio please!!) to myself and my work. Its separated into areas for sewing, painting, blogging (i.e. working on the computer) which allows me to move from space to space without having to waste time tidying up! I will share some pictures at the end of the month as I always feel really TIDY studios are very suspicious…how can anyone be creative without making a mess? and what’s wrong with sharing images of the studio in action? The only time I clear the decks is at the end of a project. Then its a nice way of getting closure.

Last blog for a little while as I’m off to the UK for this month. Really excited about getting to see Ally Pally and the rest. Not looking forward to the 24 hours it takes to get there. Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog – its really nice to know that someone is looking. If I get a chance to update while away I will.

TIF – Lists

September 9, 2008

 This is my take on Sharon B’s Take it Further Challenge for September: lists! Essentially lists stitch my life together. Lists for shopping, to do, how to tackle the “doing” part of creating a work. Particularly in relation to creative work, it’s a way of breaking down a huge task into tiny baby steps so that it doesn’t set off alarm bells or the internal critic (who never thinks you’re going to finish anything!).

This detail shows the stitched paper over gold. I like the idea of working with paper, stitch and fabric so may develop this idea further. The stitch I used is Knotted Insertion stitch (also known as knotted cretan – every stitch has an alias it seems!!).  I needed the gold to make the gap between the two pieces of paper stand out.

Looking forward to October’s Challenge – even though I will be in the UK for most of October. Has anyone been to one of those Knitting & Stitches shows? I’m looking at going to the Alexandra Palace one and wondered if there are any tips i.e. get there early (or late?), whatever!


September 3, 2008

Sharon’s theme for August was balance so these two pieces look at that theme. The red necklace is about when all things are in balance, there is a kind of symmetry to life. The blue necklace is about when we choose to not be in balance, to shift and give something in our lives more of our time and energy. I created these two simple pieces based on a project in the magazine “Classic Stitches” in order to get my creative mojo going again. The red one is the shape the magazine provided while the blue is mine. Its good sometimes to just play and enjoy the process without having to always be the designer.

April TIF Update

April 17, 2008

Change, positive & negative..hmmm… What I decided to do was take a different stance on the idea of change – how a design can change before you eyes depending on whether you’re looking at the positive or negative space of the design. So to start with I had a play with some shiva (markel) paintsticks and a frezzer paper stencil.
April TIF in black 

Here is two versions, one on black and one on blue. The black version works better for two reasons: I did an undercoat of white before colouring thus getting better coverage and secondly black gives better contrast. Now the positive/negative thing: depending if you concentrate on the plain background or the multi-coloured areas, the design elements alter. It takes a bit of mental gymnastics and I’ve realised I needed more equal areas of multi-colour and background to really get the mind confused about what to focus on!

Its fun playing with this sort of thing. I choose spirals because for me they represent change. Next step I think is to quilt it down and perhaps add some other embellishment. See what happens next week – it may change completely!

Tif – March Finale

March 26, 2008

Here it is…


The various red and blue merge to form an overall impression of the colours while the different strips bring a bit of life to the composition. On looking closer at the detail you discover..


Beads hiding in the red.This worked a bit better than the blue which I think stood out a bit.

beads in blue

The beads in the chain stitch require closer inspection. And by you would have noticed the shape to the left. The flash unfortunately picks it out more than it appears in natural daylight. What is that shape about? Its about me. Its my stylised shadow as I’m always in every piece of work that I do even if it doesn’t appear so. Its my selections, my decisions, even as deep as my cultural background that comes out in every piece I create.  So this has been my introspection into detail, the closer you look at a piece the more it reveals.  I know what the red and blue means to me…I wonder what it means to you?


March TIF – Update 2

March 14, 2008

We are now up to 11 days over 35 degC (which means about 110F approx!). Most of the time its been 39-40 deg.C and I’ve succumbed to the gastro bug. But I did get a bit of stitching in before the gastro hit. Here is the beginning…


And lastly the red was placed over the top part…


You can also see that I’ve started stitching as well (left side). That’ll be next week’s update. My usual Sunday monthly market has been cancelled because of the heat so I may get an extra bit of stitching done then. I think the reds and blues are blending well together. I did have some burgundy with the red but it stood out too much so it got scrapped. I haven’t had a chance to swing by any other blogs as yet so I’m keen to get onto that as soon as I’m over this gastro thing. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blogs so far, its really great to know someone’s looking at all this! 🙂

TIF – March update 1

March 6, 2008

Do you ever have those weeks when everytime you go to blog you have something else that “critically” needs your attention? Well this has been a week like that for me 🙂 . Here is the latest. Decided to do a fabric collage inspired by the work of Ailie Snow . I met Ailie at the Geelong Fibre Forum last year and she’s not only a wonderful person but a fantastic textile artist. So here are my fabrics…


The intention is that I will use small pieces so that from a distance the piece simply looks blue and red. But as you get closer you then see its made up of lots of different blues and reds. And then when you get even closer you notice something else too but I’ll keep that under wraps for now!

 Here is a rough sketch of the design:


Roughly 1/2 red and 1/2 blue but I’ll probably make the blue more dominant than the red to achieve a peace within the design. The curly bit is going to be done in beads at this point. Anything and everything may change however!! It all depends on how it all works out. Also I’m intending to hand stitch – not sure how long that will last as I’m always impatient for a piece to get moving along. Hand stitching will allow me to use a chunkier thread.

TIF – March Musings…

March 1, 2008

So this month’s challenge is the little things, the small moments. Had to think a bit about just what this meant and this is what I came up with… 

Often we view a landscape but dont’ take in the detail. I was sitting waiting one day. To pass time I was doing a journalling exercise where you write down just what you see. The idea is to get you to really look at a place, to look for the unusal and out of place. Then my eye caught it. A drinking glass sitting on top of a permapine post in the carpark. The carpark was by a park with a children’s playground alongside. What was the glass doing there? What was its story? It wasn’t a pastic cup but a GLASS one. Who takes glass to a park???

This month’s piece I’m going to try to make a work that on first glance doesn’t reveal itself. Its only when you stop and take a closer look that it reveals its secrets. How? Don’t know yet! Too ambitious? Maybe, but then its meant to be a challenge!

On another topic, sometimes when I’ve commented on others work or people have commented on mine they have emailed. What is the etiquette here? Does one email back or comment on the appropriate blog? I’m never quite sure what people are expecting!