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Something TAST

June 25, 2007

Back when I started TAST we did a little buttonhole work and I showed the start of a piece. Well it’s done – who would have thought TAST would have lead to this!


It was really fun keeing it simple with just two stitches. Beads and wire addes that extra something too.


A little detail shot of the “flowers”.


TAST: Crossed Buttonhole, Basque Stitch and Butterfly Chain!

May 25, 2007

Yes, still working away in the background.  Firstly we have part of my encrusted postcard that is gradually filling with each new stitch.crossed butterfly

Crossed Buttonhole along the bottom edge with a circular Basque stitch. Woven wheels in there too! Starting to bead the piece. Beading just adds so much to a work.

butterfly buttonhole

A bit of butterfly chain around a fabric postcard. Waiting for something to appear in the middle (or maybe not).

TAST – Oyster, Palestrina and Running

May 1, 2007

Been busy with school holidays so have been slowly adding to this piece. Beds of oyster stitch are surrounded by lines of palestrina stitch with running stitch interlaced around the outside. Will keep adding to it to make it even more textural as we do different stitches.

Mixed stitches

I’ve also used running stitch in some Indian Embroidery. Here is running stitch interlaced. The running stitch is spaced to get a lacy pattern.


This is known as Kantha work in Indian Embroidery. Have also worked running stitch Japanese style (known as Kogin) and of course the old English pattern darning version. I love how verstile running stitch is and how easy it is to do.

TAST: Bonnet Stitch

April 10, 2007

Here is a bit of Bonnet Stitch on some needle felted fabric. Been busy dyeing fabric, painting doors (can you believe 10 of them!! – whose idea was it to replace all the doors around our house….) and making silk paper.


Missed knotted creten as couldn’t get it to work! Looking forward to a bit of oyster stitch next.

Mixed media canvas

March 23, 2007

And now for something completely different…


I treat canvas as simply anther fabric and have couched piping cord down, appliqued angelina fibre and stitched with a bit of herringbone and detached chain. The result is quite sparkly in real life.

TAST: Couching

March 23, 2007

Here is a thick wool thread couched down with a perle thread. I twisted the wool around the needle colonial knot style so that gaves it the bobbly look. Thanks to Jenny for showing me this couching method.  I’m now flowing the line with colonial knots in perle and will machine embroider the larger areas after that.


TAST: Up & Down Buttonhole

March 14, 2007

I found this stitch a bit awkward. I like the effect but I couldn’t really get a rhythm going with it. Here is a bit of overlapping up and down buttonhole.

Up and Down Buttonhole

Thanks to Maxine for the gift of threads and beads used in this little xploration!

TAST, PLOS: Week 2 & Grids

March 8, 2007

How’s this for multi-tasking a piece. Firstly those of you doing the TAST challenge shall note that the curved lines in pink thread in the image are barred chain. For those doing the Personal Library of Stitches (PLOS) class note the linear nature of the design – curved lines. And lastly Grids – I’m working with a group on grids so this is all set to a grid of plastic mesh! Phew… I think I’ve covered everyone!


Ok, yes – linear is week 3 of PLOS and I have skipped week 2 but hey – that ATC sized piece is coming! The blue lines in the piece are either coarl knot, french knot or a simple straight stitch. I plan on mounting the piece on a background of electric blue to further play with the contrasts.

TAST: Cross Stitch

February 27, 2007

I have to say I love cross stitch. It’s the stitch that got me started so many years ago into this embroidery caper. So much so I have been a staunch defender of her over the years as she became “Miss Universally Popular” which then meant she received lots of criticism. I couldn’t care less if some people CHOOSE never to go beyond this stitch, that is their choice. Embroidery is meant to be FUN!!! Ok, off my soapbox. Here is this week’s offerings..

Cross Stitch

From the top we have: oblong cross stitch, second row is the cross stitch flower, third row is long arm cross stitch, fourth row is double cross stitch and lastly but not least is simple plain cross stitch. Differences from the usual application – rows 3 & 5 are worked over 4 threads. Row 2 & 4 are over 8 threads. Oblong is 4 x 8 threads! The long arm worked up into a great plaid with the ribbon. Got some blurriness again – may have to sit large book on scanner – however its a balance of getting enough pressure and not breaking the glass!!  Happy TAST stitching everyone.

TAST: Fly Stitch

February 25, 2007

Here’s this week’s offering. A sample of fly stitch in different textured threads and different variations.

Fly stitch

Top line is fly in two different threads with the stitch overlapping, then fly interlaced with a chunky thread (creates nice “s” shape), then zigzag fly in ribbon, fly with two ties is the one that looks like mirrord “v”s and lastly plain old fly stitch repeated. The linen gets blurry when the threads are chunky as I couldn’t squash it that well in the scanner. I think a number of these would be good combined in a border with feather and herringbone. I wish Sharon well, hope she’s back in stitching form soon.